Bathing Bliss

If there’s one thing I love, it’s the feeling of stepping into a really beautiful bathroom. Call me crazy, but when all the right elements come together, the result can be like a soothing cocoon of tranquillity, cooling and harmonious to all the sense. On the flip side, entering a badly designed bathroom can be thoroughly unsettling for me. This is place for relaxation, dang it!

I recently stayed in a bed and breakfast down south that featured an absolutely gorgeous contemporary bathroom design. Melbourne is really the place to go to experience this sort of thing – everything’s just that little bit ahead of the curve compared to back home in Sydney. For example, this one had a circular bathtub that seemed to have been imported from Japan, and an equally stylish toilet – I’ve never seen one like it before (although, sadly, it didn’t come with any fun novelty functions).

It really isn’t just a matter of being easy on the eyes, although that certainly goes a long way with me. It’s about how a simple living space can influence my mood and sense of wellbeing. Feeling like a zone has been custom designed for its specified purpose by someone who genuinely understands what makes people tick… that’s something of a rarity.

The same goes for custom kitchen renovations. Melbourne, in my experience, is a place where the kitchen is valued as a central hub of a home’s social life, as well as for more functional purposes, and this translates to interesting innovations in open plan living, storage solutions and appliance placement.

I always come back to bathrooms, though. Maybe it’s something to do with growing up in a house that had tiny, dank closet of a bathroom; it didn’t have a bath, actually, so it was more of a hole-in-the-wall for a quick scrub and not much else. It’s given me an eye for good ventilation and even the most humble of tubs.