Cars, But Not

I tell you what, this place is pretty nuts. Weirdly, there are things that I recognise, but people have found different ways to make them work. Like…okay, back in my day, we had cars. Or, something very, very similar to cars, but we powered them using crystals that fell from meteorites. On Earth it’s petrol. Isn’t that weird? Life finds a way, it would seem.

I know I should probably find a job and integrate into society, but I’m procrastinating. Always was a bad habit of mine. I don’t know, like, you wake from a ten-thousand-year-old slumber, the crystal has given you the power of immortality, you don’t have to eat, the fact that Atlantis sank beneath the waves is common knowledge (but it’s also a legend?) and the competently unrelated to all of this, the car mechanics in the Bendigo area aren’t hiring.

I mean, they probably aren’t hiring me. I was a tech genius back when my civilisation was above the ocean, but now I feel like I have to learn a whole new system. Like…car mechanics have definitely moved along in the last ten-thousand years. First it was all crystal installation services, then the great war that swallowed my homeland and preserved it in crystal sleep beneath the ocean, then people went back to chariots and carts for a little while, and now they’ve rediscovered the joys of roadworthy certificates. We used to have them, back where I was from. When half your vehicles are hovering platforms that whizz through the air, you really do need to make sure the engine is working fine. Maybe a roadworthy test is something to look up, see if I can shift what I know to the modern way of thinking.

I mean, I have to find something to do, besides just wandering around. In the meantime, there are those human classes…might give them a go. Not too sure I fit the definition anymore.