Emergency Car Repairs

I’m going to be a DJ!!! It’s going to be lit. I’m about to go and pick up some second-hand decks from a DJ who’s decided to upgrade. I think it’s cool that the decks are pre-owned because I can say that they’re vintage and that will add to my whole vibe. My DJ name is going to be Vintage Legend. Has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? Anyway, people aren’t going to care what I call myself, they’re only going to care about me giving them filthy beats to dance to at 4 am. And that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

Nooo!!! My car won’t start! Literally what the actual BLEEP? Now I’m going to have to get a car mechanic in the Brunswick area to check out my car instead of going to pick up my decks. This is so annoying. I was supposed to do my first DJ set tonight at this local bar. They’ve never had a resident DJ before so I offered my services for pretty cheap and they agreed to take me on tonight as a trial. My trial isn’t going to go very well if I can’t even get there in time.

So I’ve just spoken to the mechanic who has checked out my car. Apparently, I need serious car repairs near Brunswick or I won’t be able to drive my car anywhere. But to be honest mate, I don’t have time to get car repairs. I need to go and get my decks, have a play around and then play the filthiest beats this little bar has ever heard.

I’ve decided to just let the mechanic have my car and I’ll pick it up tomorrow. I can’t wait around for the repairs to happen. I’m currently running to the station and doing the rest of this live stream on my phone, so you guys can read the transcript and latest updates when I post it. Why did my car have to BLEEPING break when I needed it most?