Far From Spa-rtan

Some people collect art. Others collect designer footwear, and still others tattoos. I collect homes. That’s not something I can just come out and say. Generally speaking, people don’t respond too well to those of us in possession of more properties than they technically need, so I prefer to keep it on the hush. The fact is, though, that I take great pleasure in curating atmospheric environments that I’m able to immerse myself in at leisure. 

You see, I don’t just buy up houses willy-nilly, leave them empty and resell them as soon as the market goes in my favour. No, that’s not my bag. I only buy properties that I have a vision for, and a house only truly join the ranks of my collection when I’ve completed its one-of-a-kind interior makeover. This usually begins with a kitchen replacement, because I find that everything else flows out from there. A cutting-edge kitchen sets the tone of a space like nothing else, trust me. 

That said, in my place down the coast, the process began with the bathroom design concept. Melbourne bath lovers, perhaps you’ll understand this, even though the decision seems to have positioned me as a bit of an eccentric among my associates. It makes sense if you see the place – the entire house is designed to feel like a health spa. That’s why it emanates outwards from the bathroom. It’s not my favourite home, but it does take pride of place in my collection for having such a clear and well-developed concept. 

Something I love about my home collection is how under the radar it is. Nobody has to know about it, unless I want them to, so it’s my private happy place. If I feel like being at a health spa, I can go and be in one that also happens to be… my home. Needless to say, if I wanted to go to a true health spa, I could do that as well.