Me and the Warehouse

Working for the work supplies repository is a lot more like guarding Aladdin’s cave than I thought it’d be. I know some people come here to either rent equipment or (more often) store it for the months when it’s not in use, but it’s incredibly quiet when someone isn’t doing that. I’m sitting here at the front desk, it’s 3pm and I’m pretty sure no one is going to be in for the rest of the day. Just me, alone in a giant warehouse, like I’m doubling as the security guard. I’ve already done the stocktake (only takes about half an hour) so now there’s just nothing left to do.

Maybe I’ll go for a wander, check out the toolbox section. Maybe I’ll straighten the stack of under tray draws that aren’t being used. I did that this morning, but you never know; there could’ve been a small earthquake that put them out.

The warehouse is just like that one in ‘Caledonia James and the Empire of the Diamond Funny Bone’, all vast and slightly creepy when the lights are turned off. Only instead of dangerous artefacts, the place is stacked with toolboxes, ute trays, canopies, roof racks and bars…I think we have a lawn mower section at the back. Or rather, we do now, after I rearranged it that way out of boredom. There could be a small family living somewhere in here and they could escape my notice if they’re really careful. I’m not saying I’m bad at my job, but I don’t shine my torch into every single tiny crevice. Maybe I should start doing that, though…might fill the time. I’m pretty sure one of our regulars is coming around tomorrow to pick up his roof racks and bars that he left here while he was at that conference in…Queensland? That’s going to be my morning.

Doesn’t exactly make me feel important. Then I remember there’s literally millions of dollars worth of stuff in here, and yeah…that’s not so bad.