Need New Salon

Like, for real, Vicki is the-actual-worst. You actually have no idea, and she has no idea, and it’s just like a sad little circle where everyone needs to look at themselves in the mirror, for once. But like, if Vicki ever look at herself in the mirror she’d probably turn to stone, so yeah…maybe skip that on, Vicki. It’s not worth it.

Like, sometimes I WISH she’d turn to stone and leave me alone for a while, because I told her about my favourite hair salon near St James Place and she was all like ‘oh my gosh, we NEED to get our hair done together, I’m in the CBD all the time’. Nooooo! That was MY hair place, and I only told Vicki because I wanted to make her jealous because she probably gets her hair cut in some barbershop in Footscray. Except now I had to tell her that the place is closed for Christmas, and after Christmas I need a new excuse because, um…me, getting my hair cut with Vicki McCleod?

Like, do I need to find a new hair salon now, or whatever? I would ask Camilla because her Dad owns like a huge haircare brand, but Camilla never does ANYTHING with her hair besides putting it up in a ponytail, so I can’t trust the hairdresser opinion of someone like that. Alana has amazing hair, not that I’d ever tell her that but it’s true, but I’m just imagining finding myself in the chair next to Alana and then I’d have to look at her stupid pet photos, and like, Alana, wasn’t it enough when you did an entire presentation on them in science?

Vicki has ruined my life, actually. I don’t know if there’s a single hairdresser in the Melbourne CBD that’s safe now, because if she sees me at another one…I dunno, she’ll probably cry and won’t let me copy her homework any more. Maybe a hair salon open in South Melbourne…? Help me out here!