Take a Thousand Footprints…

Every day one of those horrible statements shows up in my Visage-Tome feed, with an artistically-blurred background and garishly curly font: Take only footprints, leave only memories.

Blurk. Life is like a novel, and those who do not travel read only the first page.

Ugh, double-blurk. Of course, 90% of them are from Ursula, who spends all her money on travel and mooches off people’s homes in between so save money. She’s not getting my sofa space.

Thing is, we do have enough to travel and I’d like to do so before we start a family, but the pressure from both families to get on the property ladder is immense. My father-in-law is offering his list of trusted buyers advocate companies in Melbourne to help us find the right place, and if we went for that option then we really wouldn’t have to worry about much. Buyers advocates can even bid on places, and dealing with finances isn’t really my thing in general. That’s Gabby’s job.

But it’s not like they’re free, much like any service in life, ever. I wouldn’t mind putting off the house hunt for a year or so while we visit a few places, get our fill of the world before we start trying to have a baby. Leave some footprints, take some memories, and maybe some fridge magnets because come on Ursula, these people sell souvenirs for a reason. I guess we could get in contact with a property advocate company, at least. See what the time frame is for finding a place, selling the one we bought when we got married. Is there, like…a delay you can instigate for this sort of thing? Can a property advocate find you a place that’s perfect for you, and also the owners are moving out in a year-and-a-half? No harm in asking. Those who do not ask, do not…get. Like sand through the hourglass.

Something about a thousand steps.