A New Production from Flagonheart Theatre Co.

Forget everything you’ve heard about Arthur Miller’s notorious work of semi-autobiography. From the electric minds of Flagonheart Theatre Co. comes a surreal new vision that reflexively redirects concepts of pop culture, celebrity and public relations by way of contemporary political climates and their undercurrents of participatory absurdity.

Launched to critical acclaim at the World Theatre Explorations Conference in Wilceister in 2018, this new production remixes the core of the twentieth century with culturally penetrating results. Directed by veteran provocateur Hector Pigman and featuring design by the groundbreaking team at Call Waiting Productions, After the Fall is illuminating and starkly irreverent in equal measure.

What the critics are saying:

“At turns grim and glimmering, Flagonheart’s After the Fall succeeds where so many others have failed in reinventing Arthur Miller’s most questionable work to reflect their times.”

Astrid Laumatana, International Reader Arts Review


“None is more surprised than me to discover my overriding response on this production: that it represents a genuine flowering of the absurdist theatre movement into the post-digital age.”

Baxter Claude Henter, New Stage Digest


“If there’s one thing that Flagonheart doesn’t do, it’s bending to the effects of a mass groupthink. In After the Fall, they don’t disappoint on this score, introducing a new and important perspective to the socio-politics of the moment with their signature panache.”

Vernon Habbidge and Bill Corswarz, Radical Drama Review


“Experiencing this take on Arthur Miller’s After the Fall should be on the to-do list of every political economy, sociology and history postgrad this side of 2016.”

Pierre Vardoz Zimmer, Idioglossia Journal


“Flagonheart has come into its own with After the Fall… a real triumph for an important company that’s spent too long in the shadows.”

Marshall Hedwin, Artistic Director, Hedwin Shakespeare Co.

“Halprin’s performance brings a disturbing luminosity to the lead role of Quentin, plumbing the lesser-known recesses of Miller’s life story to unlock a certain universality that’s equal parts sobering and relentlessly exciting.

Maxwell Bush, Violet Arts Quarterly

“Hugh Rigby’s talents are utilised to the fullest in the silent part of Socrates the Dog-Boy. Never have I seen body language used so beautifully to tell a story, nor so perfectly integrated with the stellar performances of those surrounding with actual dialogue.

Carlita Bing-Wayland, Arts, Cats and More Arts Magazine



Director – Hector Pigman

Producer – Jocklin Jessup

Set, Lighting and Costume Design – Call Waiting

Sound Design – Sharon Whitehat-Hillsop


Quentin – Jeremiah Halprin

Mother – Jeanette Mendelson

Louise – Marissa Heston-Campling

Holga – Verity Gottwald

Maggie – Saie Elton

Father – Holden Matchfield

Lou – Kirrily Merrillsworth

Elsie – Janice Litkin

Dan – Mitchell Jenkins-Hopkins

Felice – Sheryl Clovin

Mickey – Jean-Pierre Salle

Lucas – Godfrey Clovin

Carrie – Astrid Helliver

Socrates – Hugh Rigby


Ensemble – Bianta Balkin, Wilson Smythe, Whitney Carbone, Harold Walkiss