Designers Choose Glass Tinting

I’m a designer and I am extremely passionate about what I do. I own my own business but it’s just me, so obviously I can’t take on too many projects at once. I’m very picky about the projects I choose, because of this. Each project has to be a bigger challenge than the last one, whilst allowing me to show an additional area of expertise in my portfolio and obviously make enough money for the amount of time and effort I have to put in. 

The latest project I’ve taken on is redesigning an office space in Melbourne’s CBD. The brief has requested that I simultaneously establish a unique design whilst coming up with a modern solution for privacy within the workplace. As soon as I read the brief I was excited, because I had the perfect idea in the form of a commercial decorative window glass solution. Melbourne offices are all trying to look modern and cool, and these windows are a guaranteed way to achieve this. The owners of the space will be gloating to their other employer friends about how attractive their office is, and that’s how I’ll get more business. This is the perfect project. 

When I pitched my idea to the clients, they were obviously ecstatic. They loved every concept and artwork that would decorate the glass, to the point where they literally told me that I can choose whichever one I prefer and surprise them. I’ve decided to consult the tinting specialists that I collaborate with, and ask which commercial glass tinting design they suggest. Seeing as they’re the ones that would be installing it, it makes sense to let them make the final decision. By working together we get to pool our resources, expand our client base and share the costs, which is the perfect arrangement for me as an independent designer. 

I can’t wait to start working on this project. I know I’m going to nail it and have many more happy clients in the future.