Fading Eyesight

I first realised that my vision wasn’t as good as it used to be last month when I went and saw my first live gig in almost two years. Before the unfortunate worldwide thing that happened, I used to see live music every other weekend. I didn’t even care if I knew the band, I just enjoyed going to see live music, spending time with friends and forgetting about everything else going on in the world.

This was my favourite thing to do and it got taken away from me, so I spent a lot of time watching live music gigs on the internet. You know the ones? Where someone records it live and you watch it three years later when you finally come across it? That’s how I’ve been keeping myself entertained.

It may seem like I’m getting off-topic, but I think that was a vital piece of information for the story. I think spending all that time in front of a computer damaged my eyesight. The band on stage looked fuzzy and unclear. They had never looked like that through my eyes before. 

I decided to visit the optometrist local to Bayside on my next day off to get an eye check. The optometrist confirmed my suspicions that my eyesight had gotten worse since my last eye check. He said that I needed glasses, which I was a bit surprised at. I thought my eyesight was still good enough to not need glasses because I assumed that people with glasses could hardly see at all, but I guess I was wrong.

I’m glad that I didn’t waste time and avoid getting an eye test. In the Bentleigh area, there is a lot of hazards that I’d open myself up to if I didn’t start wearing glasses. Heck, I was lucky that I didn’t get into any accidents in the last year or so when my eyesight was deteriorating.