Purple & Green Paint

Do you ever look back at some of the decisions you’ve made in the past and wonder what the heck you were thinking?! It’s like every year I become a completely different person, with different tastes in people, fashion and interests.

Last year, for example, I was really into the colour purple. Everything I wore was purple. I even got one of the best exterior painters Melbourne has to offer to paint the outside of my house purple. My friends and family actually warned me against it, and now I’m kicking myself for not listening to them. What made me so obsessed with the colour in the first place? 

I’m really embarrassed about my home now. Every now and then I hear people talk about my house when they see me down the street. It’ll be whispers like ‘that’s the lady with the purple house’ or ‘purple obsessed freak’. It obviously makes me feel even more self-conscious and regretful of my choices. People can be really cruel when they want to be. 

Because I’ve changed as a person and I’ve had enough of people bullying me, I’m going to get an exterior painter to paint over the purple. Whilst the painter’s at it, I’m also going to ask him or her to be a decent interior house painter and paint the inside of my house. I’m really vibing the colour green at the moment, so I might get the painter to paint the inside and outside of my house green. That would look good, wouldn’t it? A lot better than purple I’m sure. 

Anyway, I’ll be off. I’m going to seek out a painter that can paint both exteriors and interiors, which I assume is really obvious based on the entire theme of this post. I’m so excited to get rid of the purple which has been embarrassing me for months now, and replace it with beautiful lime green. Here’s to better decisions this year!