My Frosted Dwelling

What’s the point of being fabulously wealthy if you can’t do silly, avant-garde things with your money? I’ll freely admit that I’m rather bored, and this fills my time. You see what happens when you inherit billions of dollars, you’re making more every day, you’ve got a huge house and a private cruise ship and you’ve just bought a solid gold statue of yourself. It’s like…there’s nowhere to go but down from there.

Anyway, onto my plans for a home entirely made out of frosted window glass. Glass homes aren’t new, but this one will be properly insulated, the furniture will NOT be glass, and it’s going to be shaped like a gigantic octopus with steps to get up each of the tentacles. You can then slide down if you want to reach the lobby.

I was lying about that last part- it’s going to be an interesting, Tetris-like shape, but not an octopus. That would just be silly and impractical. However, I’d like to see how far the concept of frosted window glass can be stretched, because I’ve always rather like the look of it. If frosted glass outer walls turn out to be impractical, I’d at least like all the interior walls to be frosted. It’ll be like living in a hybrid of a Japanese castle- with sliding walls that are slightly see-through but not quite- and a palace made of ice, like the one from the Jimmy Blond movie that we don’t talk about.

If my entire home can’t make it onto the front page of Rich People and Their Crazy Homes, I’ll at least get a four-page spread on the middle pages. All kept very tasteful, of course. I’m also thinking of mixing in different types of glass, really push the concept. There are some commercial decorative glass companies in Melbourne who I’ve long admired, back when I was an ordinary worker and a commoner. Perhaps some designs could be altered to fit a residential home? Questions for later.

Questions for my personal research assistant, that is. If I can afford one of those now.