Solar in the City

It really is strange what people will go to see at the theatre nowadays. Now, I’m all for representation in movies and all, but if I was part of the specific demographic seen in ‘Crazy Rich Locals’, I’m not sure how I’d feel. All those rich locals, who are also crazy, spending money on elaborate parties in their mansions and speaking in their delightfully idiosyncratic accents. I suppose it’s a glimpse into a different culture for most people, and maybe an insultingly inept portrayal for a select few.

Maybe that’s why they threw in all the references to industrial solar, and how the main character’s parents got rich by founding a company that does commercial energy storage while all their fellows were running bars and throwing cards against the wall with incredible precision, speed and force. They make a big deal of this solar empire as well, to the point where one scene is just the main character walking through the fields upon fields of solar panels with his best friend, who is also a local, discussing whether he should inherit his father’s industrial solar business and be stupidly, crazy rich, or instead follow his heart and marry his high school sweetheart.

I actually can’t remember what happens in the end, which is a bit weird. Did I nod off at some point? Don’t remember…I think the main character does indeed end up taking over the family business. I don’t think he goes down the route of industrial solar energy or commercial energy monitoring. Does he found his own green energy startup? He married his girlfriend on the grounds of his parents’ giant mansion, so I guess it must have calmed down with his parents. Happy endings all around. Does Australia get that much sun that industrial and commercial solar would be a big deal? Questions for later, upon a re-watch.