Modern but New

What’s something really modern, but it also might have existed in ancient times? Like, in ancient Rome, where they had vending machines and steam power, maybe.

I really need to come up with something for my essay that I didn’t know I was getting. All of a sudden our professor has decided that empires have crumbled under the weight of ordinary people and ordinary things, and now we have to make a case for it.

Okay…so, an empire. Let’s say…the Ming Dynasty. I don’t know much about that, but they did make some lovely pottery. Let’s start with how I can connect this all to buyers advocates. Melbourne doesn’t quite have the same rich history as Rome unfortunately so we’ll stick with that. For you see, let’s say that the Ming Dynasty is doing really well exporting all that pottery, and making lovely tea sets, but eventually they realised that they’d focused on all of that so much that they didn’t really know…where to live? So they needed buyers advocates, sure, why not, but instead, they trusted in their expertise in pottery.

I think I’m onto something with this buyers advocate thing, but I just need to fit it in. Like, the ancient Greeks. Surely they found themselves in need of property advocates, because they at one time ruled the entire ancient world and that mean they had massive choice over where to live. Like, shall I live in the northern reaches of the empire? Nice weather, but threat of attack by barbarians. Or maybe in the west? The land is very fertile, but it’s so very far from Athens and all the good temples.

These are the decisions ordinary citizens needed to make, and they didn’t have the buyers advocates to help them out.

Yep, that’s the one. Way better than the Ming Dynasty; it just makes more sense, you know? I should drop out of university and get a job at fast food restaurant. Let’s face it, I’m heading there anyway.