Conveyancing Essay

When I left high school, I thought I’d never have to write an essay again. Turns out I was wrong. This year I’ve been studying an Advanced Diploma of Conveyancing at Dr Brion’s Academy of All Things Scientific and Stuff, and I’ve been asked to write an essay about what I’ve learned so far in …

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Modern but New

What’s something really modern, but it also might have existed in ancient times? Like, in ancient Rome, where they had vending machines and steam power, maybe. I really need to come up with something for my essay that I didn’t know I was getting. All of a sudden our professor has decided that empires have …

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Great Life, Derrick

There’s one thing that makes the work day go faster, and that’s Christmas music. Not trashy stuff you hear in shopping centres, though. I mean choirs singing in a cathedral, or kids from some prestigious academy. That’s the only thing that really make the hours tick by at this stage, because it’s way too close …

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