New Home Feeling

The house was lit in a cosy flame that seemed to tug the anxiety right out of Tiff’s chest. She smiled, finally able to take a deep breath for the first time in days. The smell of her lit cinnamon candle felt like breathing in pure sunlight. She adjusted her position on the plush, burgundy couch she had finished hauling into the house that morning.

Empty moving boxes could be mistaken for artful furniture in the dim light of the flame. She had surrounded her living room with plants to attempt to hide them. The familiar green foliage had been a small comfort in reminding her of her old home. 

She took a sip from her familiar mug. A favourite of hers that she had picked up from the thrift store a day after she had met her husband. Her ex-husband now, she reminded herself. It had been a while since she had thought of anything except how to tackle new house repairs and maintenance.

It was nice to finally get a chance to enjoy it, but her forgotten emotions were starting to catch up to her. The reality of her situation sunk in like a rush of cold water and she felt the need to get to her feet, distracting herself by looking out her window. 

She had finally realised her dream of renovating the house her parents had passed down to her. Making sure to keep the traditional fireplace of the home and get the job done right, she had hired custom home designers. Morning Peninsula stretched out below her window, suburban houses twinkling like manmade stars in the inky night. 

In all of the stress of her parents’ passing, her relationship ending and the fast move into a new house, she had forgotten to even breathe. It felt nice to have a break, but her body felt exhausted. Next time, she thought as she took another sip, she was definitely going to swallow her pride and hire removalists.