The Red Lights

Schlock Homes and I, John Whatson, made our way toward the dark room with the red lights, which a mysterious note told me to follow. Where they would lead, I had no idea. Hopefully, however, they would provide a clue about the missing conveyancers we had been tasked with finding.

When we entered the room, I found a man standing there. He was dressed in a black robe, and I couldn’t see his face at all.

“Who are you?” Schlock asked. “What is the meaning of this?”

The man gave a soft chuckle. “I am naught but a man capable of providing conveyancing. Malvern is my name. Follow me.”

“Malvern?” I said. “Isn’t that a suburb? I’ve never heard of anybody called Malvern before.”

He shrugged. “It is my name. Whether that is my real name isn’t for you to know. Perhaps it is merely a mysterious nickname.”

Schlock and I gave each other a confused look but decided to follow Malvern into the room. We travelled down several corridors, before finally reaching what appeared to be a monitoring room, complete with several screens displaying the conference hall.

“We are the Cult of the Conveyancers, but don’t let the name fool you. Our only goal is to help conveyancers everywhere, not take over the world or anything. We’re not evil, by any means.” Malvern pointed toward a man sitting in a desk chair, by the monitoring computers. “This is Doug. He’s from a conveyancing business around Cheltenham. He thinks he may have seen something you’d be interested in, detectives.”

“Oh, we’re not detectives,” I said. “We’re just fellow conveyancers, making sure our colleagues are safe.”

“You can drop the charade, Schlock Homes and John Whatson,” Doug said. “We know who you are. Now, I’ve seen exactly who is behind the missing conveyancers.”

I started pacing around the room. “That’s nice, but we already know that it’s Clinton West. He tried to destroy us with his laser gun.”

“You’re wrong,” said Doug. He pulled out a laser from his own pocket. Behind us, Malvern drew one too. “At least, partly. He is far from acting alone. Now, detectives, I believe your journey is over.”