Decor Daydreams

You know when your house feels too clean? Okay, maybe you don’t. The few people I’ve expressed this to didn’t seem to relate to my problem at all. I guess I mean ‘clean’ in a stylistic sense, rather than a literal state of not being dirty. Basically, my pad is not grunge enough for my tastes, developed through living in living in many a grungy pad.

In actual fact, I really appreciate the literal aspect of said cleanliness, and I don’t want to change that. I just need a way to disrupt the expanse of perfect, white walls, but I’m not sure how to go about it as a renter. Is it possible to buy removable wallpaper that won’t entirely destroy the paint job? I know it sounds like a big ask, but nothing is all that far-fetched in this day and age, right?

I’m picturing some industrial-looking concrete wallpaper. Ideas are running rampant in my head of styling the place as a dieselpunk bomb shelter meets James Bond villain nightspot. Oh, the possibilities! It would be much easier if I owned the place, but maybe it’s lucky that I don’t, because I’d probably undermine its structural integrity (not to mention its value) in my efforts to engineer my domestic vision through DIY handiwork.

As things stand, I can’t get too invasive, so the household havoc I can wreak is relatively minor. It also forces me to me to think a bit creatively about my wall covering options, which could have halfway elegant results – an unusual outcome for someone with home decor tastes as admittedly outlandish as mine.

Maybe I should keep it simple, and just get some large custom decals made up to suggest a series of portals running through the space. If I did that, I could take them with me if I have to move house, making for a more worthwhile investment. My mother would be proud.