My Own Cruiser

Today I was thinking so very hard on the train that I almost spilled my coffee over the person next to me. I think I just went so deep into thought that I lost motor control, looked down and I was this close to just pouring it onto their lap. They were giving me a scandalised look, as if I’d actually done it instead of stopping at the last second. Alright, calm down Mister…crisis averted.

I was just pondering the question so hard. The question printed in the ‘Trumpeting Moon’ being If you suddenly owned a luxury cruise liner, how would it affect your life?

Sometimes the simpler ones are the best, I say. As for the answer…well, the first thing would be to look up marine stainless steel fabrication experts here in Melbourne, because I do not know the first thing about looking after a boat and they’d be the people who knew. Don’t really know if that’s something regular boat owners do, but I’d be finding out pretty soon. This isn’t like inheriting a car, where everyone knows to go to a garage if you need work done of any kind. This isn’t even a specialist car, like a Rolls Royce or an F1 racing vehicle. This is a new form of locomotion entirely!

Let’s be honest…I’d probably have to sell it. An ordinary person with an ordinary income can’t take care of a cruise ship. Marine fabrication is a service used by companies, not people (at least, for ships as big as that), so it’d be like if I was left a mansion. Nice to have, but the upkeep is far too massive. Still, once I sold the boat, it’d come with some caveats. I’d be able to take free cruises whenever I wanted, my own special cabin, and a special fishing rod holder with my name on it, just for my use. Or I could just swap it for a pile of cash AND my own little boat, also with a fishing rod holder and little amenities. Always wanted one of those, and I could afford to keep it.