The Dockyard Scoop

Nyah! See, nyah! Before I even get to crack the case, some dame jumps in and solves it for me! Scoop McGee was hot on the trail, so he was, and I was this close too. Those burning cars were gonna be a huge scoop, maybe even enough to land me a front page story …

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Carrie’s Boat Guy

Carrie just needs to NOT. Like, she just needs to not even, because at this moment like I can’t even, and if I can’t even, then Carrie needs to…like, I don’t even know. Everyone knows that Carrie’s parents are super not rich, like, not poor, but not rich. They drive her to school in a …

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My Own Cruiser

Today I was thinking so very hard on the train that I almost spilled my coffee over the person next to me. I think I just went so deep into thought that I lost motor control, looked down and I was this close to just pouring it onto their lap. They were giving me a …

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