The Dockyard Scoop

Nyah! See, nyah! Before I even get to crack the case, some dame jumps in and solves it for me!

Scoop McGee was hot on the trail, so he was, and I was this close too. Those burning cars were gonna be a huge scoop, maybe even enough to land me a front page story in Wanton Vandalism Quarterly.

Well, this ain’t over. Whichever little lady is jumpin’ around the rooftops, beating up bad guys, I’m gonna find her and get the full story. Nobody has that yet, no sir!

Now, the area is known for all kinds of stainless steel welding, see? Snapper racks, and those bait boards, all shiny and new and hiding the dark underbelly within. That’s not true, actually; I just get carried away mid-sentence sometimes, ya know? Stainless steel fabrication is al-right. It’s especially doin’ well ever since they don’t gotta look over their shoulders for silly boat folks who think the sea is supreme and are always floating near the docks, reading to lob bottles full of crabs and angry plankton.

Yep, stainless steel welding is gonna be big news again, everyone real busy, and I gotta head right into the heart of that industry to get some answers. Those folks workin’ around the docks, they see all, and they hear all, and they’re just all about it all. They’re a tight-knit crew, these sea folks. If you’re one of them, they talk to you…about welding, mostly, and fish, but you become one of them and they open up like a clam opens up when you…pry its jaws open with a crowbar. Nyah, that works!

I gotta make myself a stainless steel marine welder, go deep undercover for the scoop of a lifetime, see! Some of these folks workin’ on stainless steel marine fabrication, Melbourne style, gotta know something about this mystery crime-fighter, see? I’m hot on the case, and I got to get m’scoop, nyah!

-Scoop McGee, Ace Reporter