Priority Design

Vanessa has been on at me for ages to give some thought to overhauling the office. I just haven’t had a spare moment, and it hasn’t seemed like enough of a priority to carve out the time. It’s been in the back of my mind, though, and I’m starting to think that she might be onto something. I’m observing clear inefficiencies in the way things are done around here, and noticing how subtle changes in spatial factors could address those.

I guess the point of hiring a design firm to take charge of the project is that you then don’t need to come up with the solutions yourself – like, you outsource expertise in workspace layouts and their implementation to a company that can manage the process for you. Der. Somehow I’ve been overlooking that, thinking that this was something I had to sit down and nut out for myself when I can simply throw some money at it and get on with what I’m good at.

Obviously, there are going to be disruptions to workflow involved in the course of a large-scale office interior fitout. Melbourne business owners, what’s been your experience of this? I’d be interested to know what level of interruption we can expect, as that’s the main thing I’ll need to give some attention to. We’ve got several big projects coming up over the next few months, and we can’t afford to have our workspace in disarray while they’re happening.

That said, we also can’t afford to put anything other than our best foot forward, with international clients coming to our office on a regular basis during that time. It would be good to get those spatial inefficiencies addressed beforehand. I think I’d better have Vanessa discuss timelines with her preferred office designers. Melbourne probably has an bottomless pool of talent in that arena, so she’s going to have to narrow it down first, and that’ll take some time.

I guess this is why she’s been on my back about it. I’ll give her the go-ahead to get started.