The Cool Bride

I have always dreamed of getting married in Canberra. I spent the summers of my youth playing along the wonderful beaches, on and off Dad’s yacht and begging for one more ice cream from my favourite little beachside vendor. Life in the city always seemed so fast and stressful compared to the dreamscape of Canberra. The summers there were hot and sweaty, sI often returned to school a fresh shade of lobster red and would require weeks of aloe vera treatment to lose the shine. When Johan proposed I immediately pictured us committing our lives to each other in my home city. It would have to be a summer wedding which means strong ventilation will be necessary to prevent ourselves and our guests from melting. I started researching wedding venues with excellent air conditioning. Canberra has a habit of hitting the high 30’s and sweltering in the Summer heat. Most brides probably don’t prioritise the quality of the air conditioning when it comes to venue choice but I don’t want one bead of sweat on anyone’s face at my wedding.

It hit me pretty quickly that I already knew the perfect venue, the only problem was the total lack of working air conditioning. Dad’s yacht. It just had to be on there. I called an old friend from my childhood who I knew could organise the air conditioning repairs. Canberra is pretty far away so I couldn’t make too many trips until nearer the time but he recommended a great company that could provide the air conditioning service for the function. With my cooling problems out the way there were a million more things to sort out, the guest-list would have to be cut as Daddy’s yacht can only hold 130 people comfortably. Of course we will have to serve freshly caught seafood, I have an elaborate idea that fishermen could catch the dinner off the side of the boat during the ceremony. I doubt many people have had seafood so fresh. All long as the air con is working as it should, the wedding will be an unforgettable experience for anyone lucky to be invited.