Air Con

Seeing red

You know that moment when you’re just on the precipice of falling asleep, when you’re so close you can almost taste it, and then suddenly, with your eyes snapping open in anger, you’re completely awake? Not only are you awake in that instance, but you’re also so mad that, even in the darkness of your …

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Rustic Cooling Methods

Alright, so the holiday to Sydney might be called something of a bust. The room was alright, but very stuffy, the internet was patchy, and the air conditioning virtually nonexistent. Well, the proper stuff was in absentia. I had a portable unit that sounded like a train station. Oh well! I still got to see …

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Conventional Cooling Tips

Folks, I’m about to blow your minds with my wisdom. And that wisdom is: exaporative cooling through damp clothing. I know. Lap it up. Take a moment to collect your synapses from where they lie on the floor. And when you’re done, I’ll actually provide some context so you know what I’m  talking about. This …

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