Conventional Cooling Tips

Folks, I’m about to blow your minds with my wisdom. And that wisdom is: exaporative cooling through damp clothing.

I know. Lap it up. Take a moment to collect your synapses from where they lie on the floor.

And when you’re done, I’ll actually provide some context so you know what I’m  talking about. This is a premium way to stay cool in the summer: just make some of your clothing damp- so it’s not dripping all over the place- like a t-shirt or whatever. Put it on, and boom. You’re cool until it dries, which will unfortunately be a relatively short time if you’re resorting to something this dire. And look, I’m all for air conditioning. Bayside seems like everywhere has it except me, and I appreciate that because it makes me get out of the house, but not everyone can have air conditioning services and not everyone can run them all the time.

Ideally, you want BOTH. I can only imagine what it’s like sitting in recently drenched clothing underneath air conditioning, maybe also with a cold lemonade in your hand. And it has one of those little umbrellas, and you’re wearing sunglasses because why not? But I can’t speculate such things. I think that would be the closest you could get to being as cold as a cadaver, and on a summer day it’d be totally awesome. But if you’ve got some efficient air con, then you don’t actually need any extra techniques; you’re sorted. My special tips stop at dunking your shirt in water and then putting in on for a little while, which, I must admit, feels really weird and unpleasant when you first put it on. Also, it only works for one person at a time.

Look, you do you. If you live in somewhere nice like Beaumaris, air conditioning is within your financial grasp and you’re up for it, go nuts. But I’m just saying…my method is cheaper.