A Roadworthy Union

I used to think I was the only person I knew who’d memorised the entire Roadworthy Certificate Regulation Handbook – every single edition since the RWC was invented. I even have several notebooks full of detailed descriptions of every single change made in each of the editions, and my private thoughts on whether the changes were worth it, of course.

And it was just me. Sometimes I’d go down the street and to try to start discussions about the process of a roadworthy certificates inspection. Ringwood mechanics, being as industrious as they are, never had much time for this. I understand that… so many cars, so little time to get them all serviced, with their tyres to be filled to precise quantities of air and the engines to be serviced to perfection to ensure that they have sufficient quantities of fresh oil and that the alternator is functioning as… well, you get the idea.

Now, I have someone to discuss that stuff with, in real life as well! I just set ‘passionate about roadworthy certificates’ as my main interest on Odd-Match, and within a few minutes I’d received a message from another guy who was ALSO into them and always thought he was the only one, just like me. We talked into the night, and now we’re arranged regular meetings so that we can compare notes. Oh, so many notes… I showed up to our first meeting with sixteen notebooks, and he had eighteen, and that was when I truly knew that I’d found my mechanically oriented soulmate. My soul for the road. My soul-road-mate to spend all those road-trips with. Those soul-road-trips. They’re like road-trips, but for the soul.

The question now is whether he also has an interest in RACV vehicle inspections. Ringwood mechanics had better watch out, if that’s the case: we’ll be quite the dynamic duo. We might even start up our own service centre. But then, I don’t really want to work on cars. I just want to study all those incredible documents.