Cars, But Not

I tell you what, this place is pretty nuts. Weirdly, there are things that I recognise, but people have found different ways to make them work. Like…okay, back in my day, we had cars. Or, something very, very similar to cars, but we powered them using crystals that fell from meteorites. On Earth it’s petrol. …

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A Roadworthy Union

I used to think I was the only person I knew who’d memorised the entire Roadworthy Certificate Regulation Handbook – every single edition since the RWC was invented. I even have several notebooks full of detailed descriptions of every single change made in each of the editions, and my private thoughts on whether the changes …

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Hail, Go Away

Hail is the worst. In fact, on my official list of weather conditions that are the worst, hail just went right up to number one. Wind used to be at number one, but at least wind mostly doesn’t try to kill you. Hail usually comes in really hot weather, so you run outside because you …

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