Tina’s Turbocharged Tunes

In the heart of Ringwood, Victoria, the rhythmic beats of an 80’s rock band can be heard echoing in the distance. Enter Tina: greased hair, glittering leather jacket, and electric blue eyeshadow that could light up a room. She’s the legendary frontwoman of ‘Zebrallica’, known for their chart-topping hits and, well, a zebra-striped bus that’s as iconic as their sound.

“We’ve been through thick and thin,” Tina proclaimed, patting the bus affectionately. The bus, reminiscent of another era with its groovy zebra stripes and ‘Zebrallica’ emblazoned in neon pink, stood as a testament to the rock n’ roll lifestyle. “This beauty’s been with us from our garage band days, right up to the mega concerts. And you know what keeps her going? The top-notch car repairs around Ringwood,” Tina declared, striking a power chord on her guitar.

Amidst pyrotechnics and laser lights, in a scene straight out of an 80s rock concert, Tina burst into song, serenading her beloved bus and the mechanics of Ringwood. Lyrics like “You tuned my engine, and you tuned my heart” and “With every mile, we rock a little harder, thanks to those Ringwood stars” made it clear; Tina had a thing for mechanics.

Taking a brief interlude, Tina narrated tales from the road. “We’ve had our breakdowns, our flat tires in the pouring rain, and our engine troubles in the middle of nowhere. But every time, it was the log book servicing Ringwood residents can trust that got us back on track,” she said with a wink.

Her anecdotes weren’t just about life on the road, but also the heroes behind the scenes – the mechanics. They weren’t just servicemen to Tina; they were life savers, ensuring Zebrallica’s music continued to reverberate through the decades.

As the evening sun cast a golden hue over Ringwood, Tina ended her performance with a soaring ballad dedicated to the unsung heroes of the road. The crowd went wild, not just for Zebrallica’s music but also for the Ringwood mechanics who, in their own way, kept the rock ‘n roll spirit alive and roaring.