William’s Truth

I don’t know what I was expecting from a mechanic in Toowoomba, but it certainly wasn’t that. After days of driving, I’m just about ready to be done with this quest that my father has sent me on. Apparently, it was too much to ask for one of these workshops to be simple, without giving me some sort of existential crisis.

Usually, the owners of these workshops, who my father used to work with, would show me some sort of picture while they fixed up my car. That wasn’t the case here, though. No, at this particularly auto electrical shop near Toowoomba, I had my mind absolutely blown to pieces. 

“Your father’s dead,” the auto electrician told me when I went through the doors. I thought that was silly. Obviously, he’s dead. I’m only at this shop to get my billions of dollars dad left behind, is what I was thinking. But the auto electrician didn’t stop there. “Son, your father has always been dead.”

That was when my world was shattered. The man kept talking, saying something about coffins and blood, but I barely listened. I just couldn’t believe it. I’m… adopted?

And yet it explains so much. So, while I waited for that fateful tyre service close to Toowoomba, I started piecing my life back together. I do come from a rich family. Father always told me that I had royal blood, and I assumed it was from him, but clearly, that’s not the case. He was just a regular man, working as a mechanic until he adopted me. When he talked about my grandparents, and my mother, he wasn’t talking about anybody he was related to. Just my relatives.

Suddenly I had a newfound respect for this quest. I didn’t think it was ludicrous anymore. I would honour my father’s legacy, one which saw him go from simple mechanic to multi-billionaire. It’s time to find out my father’s truth, once and for all.


– Will Hunter