The Scapula Saviour

In the bustling cityscape of Melbourne, where the Yarra River winds through skyscrapers and parks, a peculiar tale unfolds – one that would tickle the fancy of anyone with an appreciation for the extraordinary. This narrative isn’t about a caped crusader from the pages of a Mable Comic, nor is it a tale from the …

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Podiatry Harmony Restored

With the Sole of Ages finally within our grasp, Dr. Lily Hart and I felt a momentary triumph. However, our celebration was cut short by the arrival of the sorcerer, a figure whose ambition had twisted him into a force of malevolence. He sought to harness the magical realm’s energy, aiming to bend Melbourne to …

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Just Christmas Gluttony

But there’s another big problem, and that’s that it’s Christmas, and that is a time for very large meals. I only have one option, and that’s to eat less. HA. A little Christmas humour. No, I’m buying a portable oxygen chamber. Melbourne seems to be at the forefront of this small medical miracle.  In short, I …

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