Just Christmas Gluttony

But there’s another big problem, and that’s that it’s Christmas, and that is a time for very large meals. I only have one option, and that’s to eat less. HA. A little Christmas humour. No, I’m buying a portable oxygen chamber. Melbourne seems to be at the forefront of this small medical miracle.  In short, I …

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Bathing Bliss

If there’s one thing I love, it’s the feeling of stepping into a really beautiful bathroom. Call me crazy, but when all the right elements come together, the result can be like a soothing cocoon of tranquillity, cooling and harmonious to all the sense. On the flip side, entering a badly designed bathroom can be …

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Me and the Warehouse

Working for the work supplies repository is a lot more like guarding Aladdin’s cave than I thought it’d be. I know some people come here to either rent equipment or (more often) store it for the months when it’s not in use, but it’s incredibly quiet when someone isn’t doing that. I’m sitting here at …

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